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Audrey Hepbrun: A Hollywood Fairytale Essay example -- essays researc

Outline I. Intro: Thesis- Audrey Hepburn took a difficult childhood and turned it into a gilded fairytale effortlessly. II. Family Life/Growing up: A-Shyness B-Turbulent family III. Suffering in Holland: A-Reasoning to return 1. Childhood in Holland B-"Aware of suffering and fear" IV. Dancing: A-Love of Dancing B-Chorus girl V. Getting into acting: A-Getting started 1. Acting surprise B-First movie role VI. Going to America: A-Can't act 1.Gigi rehearsals B-Audrey makes Hollywood VII. Miscarriage: A- 1st miscarriage 1. Another miscarriage 2. Miscarriage 1966 B-"Gift of God" VIII. Conclusion Audrey Hepburn: A Hollywood Fairytale. Christina Bremmerman Ms. Karyn B. Lentz Honors English 11 May 7, 2002 Bremmerman 1 Christina Bremmerman Ms. Karyn B. Lentz Honors English 11 May 7, 2002 Audrey Hepburn... ...out.("Audrey Hepburn Biography" 3). Even after miscarriages Audrey was still Bremmerman 6 the actress with a perfect life that everyone saw. Giving birth was her greatest feat, even greater than becoming a great actress. She achieved the one thing in life she had always wanted. After many hardships Audrey Hepburn's life changed to the better on the outside, she led the life everyone thought they wanted, but being the scenes she was still being faced with emotional misfortunes. She was a remarkable actress and she becomes even more remarkable as the conflicts of her life are revealed. Bremmerman 7 Works Cited "Audrey Hepburn Biography" []. May 8, 2002 "Hepburn, Audrey" Americana. 1987 Lavin, Cheryl. "Vital Statistics--Audrey Hepburn" St. Louis Post- Dispatch November 8, 1989 Warren, Jane. The Daily News Woodward, Ian. Audrey Hepburn. New York, St. Martin's press, 1984.

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